Trainings and Courses

For groups large and small, Iron Range Mediation Services is excited to provide your students, employees, and colleagues with tools to exercise mindful communication.  The ability to recognize one's own communication style, potential conflict situations, and individual roles is essential to effectively execute collaboration and resolution skills.

Marriage Dissolution/


Our services assist parents, married or unmarried, through the transitions of divorce and separation. We can help you make important decisions about moving forward by providing you with information in addition to neutral, third party assistance. We will help you discover what will work best for your family based on your unique situation. 

Parenting Time Negotiations

Parenting time negotiation sessions can help you and your child's other parent/guardian come to a mutual agreement regarding: who, what, when, where and how? 

Family Mediation

Family mediation is useful for disputes involving a written will, death of a family member, power of attorney in medical cases, property disputes, and more.  In family situations, the goal is to preserve the relationship by finding an outcome that satisfies everyone.

Civil Disputes

For all cases non-family-related, including disagreements between neighbors, roommates, co-workers etc.  Mediating civil disputes is an inexpensive alternative to arbitration and courts of law.

Punishment Alternative

The goal of mediation as an alternative to punishment is to help juveniles understand the consequences of their actions and illuminate the underlying causes of their actions.  These mediations focus on keeping clients on the path to graduation by providing education, third-party intervention, and establishing a sense of accountability with the minor.

Marital Mediation

Keeping the communication alive in a marriage is difficult.  Using mediation to assist with hard conversations that couples deal with can help you understand each other better, and at times illuminate the underlying feelings that contribute to the communication differences.

Online Services

When we are in the midst of a conflict that occurs over distance, we may find ourselves feeling powerless and unable to meet face-to-face to work towards or achieve resolution.  For families or individuals who are unable to meet in person due to location, contact us to see if online mediation is an option for you.